Epson MHz Quartz Crystal products introduction

  1. Founded in July 1891, the Epson brand was established in 1970’s and merged with the quartz crystal division of Toyo Communication in October 2005, which became Epson Toyocom Corporation. At present, Epson Toyocom is the world's largest supplier of quartz crystal products with excellent product quality and a leading position in technological development.
  2. In order to provide customers with high-quality and reliable products and services, Epson Toyocom has obtained ISO 9000 series certification in the early stage. So far  all branches in the world are in compliance with ISO 9001 certification, and certain manufacture sites have also obtained ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality system certification.
  3. Integrate 3D product development strategies: 3D includes Timing Device (TD), Sensing Device (SD), and Optical Device (OD), and the goal is to combine them with modularization in order to create higher added value.
  4. Epson Toyocom Time Series (Timing device) products are complete, which can meet your various needs and uses.
  5. The advanced QMEMS (Quartz + MEMS) technology can provide ultra-small SMD for module and portable product applications.
■   Epson MHz Range Crystal Series Introduction:
  • The MHz series includes two packages-- DIP and SMD.
  • The smallest size so far is the FA-118T series (1.6x1.2x0.35t).
  • All MHz series are in compliance with RoHS and halogen-free regulations.
  • Frequency range: 4MHz~64MHz, the common frequency may be different due to package types.