GPS Components

Global Positioning System (usually referred to as GPS), is a medium-distance circular orbit satellite navigation system. It can provide accurate positioning, speed measurement, and high-precision time standards for most areas (98%) on the earth's surface. The system is developed and maintained by the US Department of Defense, which can meet the needs of military users located anywhere in the world to continuously and accurately determine the three-dimensional position, motion, and time. The system includes 24 GPS satellites in space; 1 master control station, 3 data injection stations, 5 monitoring stations and users’ GPS receivers on the ground. At least 3 satellites are required to quickly determine the position and altitude of the user; the more satellite that can be received and connected, the more accurate the position can be decoded. 

The GPS PATCH ANTENNA offering by ARGO Technology has a complete range of sizes (25X4, 25X2, 18X4, 18X2... etc.) and can combine with GLONASS system to form dual-frequency PATCH ANTENNA. In addition, ARGO can provides matching services and a variety of product lines which allows customers to choose.
  • For GPS
  • Frequency: 1575-1595 MHz
  • Complete optimization
  • Possess dielctric substance
  • Precise printing technology
  • More size available
  • Low price
  • High  quality
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ARGO Technology is offering the miniature temperature compensation controller (TCXO) developed and produced by EPSON using QMEMS technology. The size is only 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.73 mm with high precision of 0.5 PPM and low voltage of 1.8 V, which is suitable for high stability and tiny space applications such as cellular phone or GPS related products.
The full name of TCXO is Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator. Generally, crystal oscillators are more sensitive to temperature changes, and the temperature changes affect the output frequency of crystal oscillators. TCXO has a temperature compensation circuit built-in, which can offset the frequency changes and control the changes within 2PPM (0.0002%) or 0.5PPM.


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■ Epson Toyocom TF (Tuning Fork) series introduction:
  The TF series includes two packages-- DIP and SMD.
  The smallest size so far is the FC-12M series (2.05x1.2x0.6t).
  All TF series products are in compliance with RoHS and halogen-free regulations.
  Frequency range: 20kHz~307.2 kHz, the common frequency is 32.768 kHz.

      Note: TF is abbreviation of tuning fork, and it is called TF because the appearance of the quartz crystal of this series is similar to a tuning fork.


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