Real Time Clock Module

RTC Module
(Real Time Clock Module)

In order to meet the needs of various applications in the market, EPSON offers diverse and complete RTC Module product lines, allowing users to select RTC Modules with functions and features that are suitable for their applications. Common applications & requirements for RTC module are as follows:

  1. Gaming Industry → Accuracy of time keeping is critical, the effects of temperature and aging need to be kept minimal.
  2. Switch industry → Need to have error log records.
  3. Equipment with limited access to the Internet→ Time adjustment via the Internet is limited, so accuracy of time keeping is important .

The actual applications pf RTC still takes the needs as the main consideration, such as power saving, time accuracy, or small size. (As shown below)
Epson New RTC Module
Model Name : RX8804CE
Interface: I2C-Bus Temp. compensated voltage range: 1.5V to 5.5V
1. Built in 32.768kHz Crystal unit
2. Support -40 to +105 degrees Temp. compensated
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