Resistive Touch Panel

In today's electronic devices, the way to operate has gradually changed from the traditional button type to the touch interface that is more intuitive to the users. The mainstream of touch interface includes analog resistive screens that are not easy to mis-touch, and attractive and sensitive capacitive screens.

Although a large number of capacitive touch screens is used in mobile phones, tablets and other consumer products, it is not suitable under many circumstances, such as in a low temperature/ dry / humid environment, or dramatically environmental change. These circumstances are ideal for analog resistive touch screens since stability and accurate in touch are advantages of resistive touch screens, and can be found in the industries such as industrial computers, industrial control, and automotive computers and others.

In addition, these industries often have the characteristics of small quantity, product diversity, high reliability, and customization, and this coincides with the nature of ARGO. Therefore, we have cooperated with KDTouch, which is specialized in automotive and industrial control applications, and provide customers in Taiwan with better price, quality, and competitive products

Below are standard specifications of resistive touch panel



Common characteristic of resistive touch panel


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