532 CA

TPS itself has been mounted in a compact closed case.
TPS expands the operational range as a controller since the differential can be minimized to 3 degrees.
Mechanical life of TPS is 2 million operations. 100,000 electrical operations at a rated load, 500,000 electrical operations at a half of rated load and 1 million electrical operations at a 1/4 rated load.
Furthermore the price of TPS is very attractive.
As the price structure is slide methods with quantity, we can supply this model at 2 to 3 times of disk type price or at a 1/2,1/3 price of electronic thermostat.

Temperature Power Sensor(TPS), which is a main product, is the high performance control type thermostat equivalent to the performance of electronic thermostat.
A small differential, long life, compact seize and low price are ideal of this model, and there is no products to be substitute in the world.
532 CA 
      -- Infrared Detectors (Sensor)
      -- Flame Detectors

  • Element Size : φ 1.6mm
  • Signal Sensitivity : type 4.2 mVp-p
  • Noise : Max. 170
  • Source voltage : 0.38 ~ 1.3V
  • Supply voltage : 2.0 ~ 1.0V
  • Load resister : 10 ~ 1000 k Ω
  • Operating Temp. : -20 ~ 70ºC
  • Storage Temp. : -40 ~ 80ºC
  • Specially design for flame detection and gas analysis.