KSD series

The disk type thermostat is mainly applied in occasions where the circuit should be automatically switched on or off as the temperature changes, keeping the temperature of the electric devices varying within a certain range.

According to customers’ requirements, we can choose different insulation materials for the bimetal thermostat, like phenolic resin, PPS, and ceramic. With fixed working temperature, reliable operation, and long service life, disc thermostat has found large popularity in electric appliances like boiler, water heater, vacuum cleaner, duplicator, electric stove, oven, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and air conditioner, etc.

Disk Type Thermostat

  • Contact Capacity: AC120 15A; AC250 10A (UL); AC250 16A (TUV, CQC)
  • Life Cycle: 100,000 times
  • Normal status: Normal Open (NO), Normal Close (NC)
  • Reset type
            Automatic Reset: Reset automatically when temperature varying.
            Manual Reset: Open or close the circuit automatically, need to push the bottom manually when reset.
  • Enclosure material: phenolic resin, PPS, and ceramic (Decided by client and the acting temperature)