The MQT6V is a variable type of the 5 Amp. model.
Size: 80 x 16.5 x 14mm
A remote control type variable thermostat is most suitable for applications where the temperature sensing section is small and thin, such as the temperature power sensor, and dial operations are needed to be made from a distant location.

Operating Voltage: 
    AC125V, DC12V/2A
    AC250V, DC24V/1.3A

Maximum Operating Voltage: 
    AC250V max., DC48V max.

Temperature Setting Range:

    A rank: 3±1
    B rank: 4.5±1.5
    C rank: 6.5±1.5
    D rank: 10±2

Temperature Setting Tolerance:
    ±3 when the temperature is below 50°C

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