Epson RTC (Real Time Clock) Unit

RTC (Real Time Clock) Module is a real-time clock module designed to support main power, backup batteries, and various other power sources. For example, the motherboard of a personal computer will have an RTC to maintain the date and time when the computer is power-off, and the power of RTC is provided by an independent battery such as coin battery. RTC module is a single package product with IC and 32.768kHz quartz crystal built-in together, with basic functions of clock and calendar. It is very convenient to use since it avoids the effort of oscillating circuit design or adjusting the clock accuracy. In addition, the small size and high integration of RTC modules ensure that the efficiency of circuit board space is utilized.


  • Built in frequency adjusted 32.768 khz crystal unit
  • More interface chose:Serial,I2C,Parallel 4-bit
  • Small size
  • Low backup current
  • Built in SRAM
  • High stability