programmable Oscillator

Epson Programmable Oscillator--in order to fulfill different frequency demands of various applications in the market, Epson has developed a burn-in type of oscillator, in which customers can get the frequency they need promptly for functional testing during the development stage. In addition, Epson provides two models of programmable oscillator with different levels which allows customers to choose according to the nature of the project. Last, the flexibility of delivery is also better than the traditional fixed-frequency oscillator, so that customers can be fully benefited from short delivery time and convenient development.

Advantages of Programmable Oscillator :

  1. Supports supply voltage from 1.62 V to 3.63 V and operating temperature from 40 °C to +105 °C.
  2. Provides desired frequency easy and fast.
  3. Chooses from variety packages (2.5*2.0~7.0*5.0mm).
  4. Delivers with more flexibility.

*Pin 1 MUST pull High for Programmable Oscillator




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