True Flat Resistive Touch Panel

True flat resistive touch panel is designed to be similar to capacitance and the case can be shared with capacitive touch. It is a low-cost solution in special environments or the places where capacitive touch is unsuitable.
ARGO offers a wide range of solutions, including common 4-wire, 5-wire or 8-wire structures. In addition, the surface can be added anti-UV or antibacterial protective layer to meet a variety of applications and sites.


The sutrcture of ture flat resistive touch panel (Flat-RTP) is different to the regular resistive touch panel (RTP). There is a PET film or diaphargm switch covered on the RTP. Using OCA to combine the ITO film outsite of the RTP and cover PET. That the Flat-RTP can be installed on the same case of CTP. Also, because the way of install of Flat-RTP is to paste on the case, that make the front panel able to be waterproof. The surface of Flat-RTP can be gross, that makes the apperrance more advance than the old design.

The main technical parameters:


1. Environmental parameters

Operating temperature range -30°C ~ +80°C
Storage temperature range -40°C ~ +85°C

2.Mechanical behavior

Operating Pressure 20 ~ 150g
Operating life Operation Expectance

>10,000,000 (5-wire)

>1,000,000 (4,8-wire)

Sliding Expectance

>1,000,000 (5-wire)

>100,000 (4,8-wire)

Optical properties Transmittance>80% Atomization<3% Sharpnexx>90% Gloss>170GU
Surface Hardness >3H
Capacitance According to the dimension of touch panel

3. Electrical Performance

Maximum voltage 5V DC
maximum current Upper Line 35mA
Down Line 35mA
Loop resistance Based on the size of Actice Area
Insulation resistance 20MΩ or over (DC25V)
Linearity <1.5%
Contact Bounce <15ms

4. Applications:

Handy device, PDA, PC, Home applications, IPC, POS, ATM, e-books, Car navigation systems, Industrial control equipment...etc

Resistive Touch Panel
Electrical: 5V DC, 35mA Surface Hardness: 3H
Transmittance Film + Glass >78% Operation Expectance (4-wire): >1,000,000 times
Operation Expectance (5-wire): >10,000,000 times
Sliding Expectance (4-wire): >100,000 times
Sliding Expectance (5-wire): >1,000,000 times
High Transmittance: Film + Glass >86%
Overlay + Film + Film + Glass >76%
Reaction Time: <10ms Operation Temperature: -30°C ~ +85°C
Linearity: <1.5% Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +90°C
Operation Force: 20g~150g Glass Thickness:
0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm, 3.0mm
Glass Type: Regular, Tempered, AR Glass