SPXO (Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillator)

EPSON SPXO products have three product lines:
1. Fixed-frequency Oscillator: Fixed-frequency OSC is currently only sold at 32kHz and 20 kinds of standard frequencies, with sizes ranging from 7.0*5.0 to 2.0*1.6 for customers to choose.
2. Programmable Oscillator: Programmable OSC can support from 0.76MHz to 170MHz. The convenience of burning and ready-to-use can greatly shorten the development time, and has much more short delivery time.
3. Differential Oscillator: The quartz chip of the differential OSC is developed and manufactured through EPSON’s unique high-frequency fundamental wave (HFF) technology. Such a high-frequency fundamental wave differential OSC can have the lowest Phase Jitter, So that customers can completely avoid the doubt of dropping the packet when using the product.


SG▢▢▢▢EEN Series

SG 3225 EEN
SG 5032 EEN
SG 7050 EEN

SG▢▢▢▢EAN Series

SG 3225 EAN
SG 5032 EAN
SG 7050 EAN

SG▢▢▢▢VEN Series

SG 3225 VEN
SG 5032 VEN
SG 7050 VEN

SG▢▢▢▢VAN Series

SG 3225 VAN
SG 5032 VAN
SG 7050 VAN

SG8018▢▢ Series

SG8018 CA
SG8018 CB
SG8018 CE
SG8018 CG

SG8101▢▢ Series

SG8101 CA
SG8101 CB
SG8101 CE
SG8101 CG

SG▢▢▢▢CAN Series

SG 2016 CAN
SG 3225 CAN
SG 5032 CAN
SG 7050 CAN









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