EPSON’s TCXO is self-made products from crystal chips to internal ICs. Which can effectively avoid some production and delivery risks. After convergence and integration of production models, it can effectively increase production efficiency; its product line can support from wireless transmission to 5G base station applications. In the era of the Internet of Things and demanding large data transmission, The TCXO of EPSOn can support very well. In addition, most of EPSON TCXO products can support the voltage control function in PIN 1. That allowing users to be more flexible in selecting the corresponding materials.


TG▢▢▢▢SMN Series

TG 2016 SMN

TG 2520 SMN

TG5006▢▢ Series

TG5006 CJ

TG5006 CE

TG5006 CG

TG▢▢▢▢CEN Series

TG 2520 CEN

TG 3225 CEN

TG5032▢▢▢ Series

TG5032 CFN

TG5032 SFN

TG5032 CGN

TG5032 SGN

VG4231▢▢ Series

VG4231 CE

VG4231 CB

VG4232 CA

VG▢▢▢▢EFN Series

VG 3225 EFN

VG 5032 EFN

VG 7050 EFN



VG▢▢▢▢VFN Series

VG 3225 VFN

VG 5032 VFN