kHz Crystal

EPSON is the world’s largest supplier of 32kHz crystals, with a production capacity of 70% of the world’s total. The specifications can almost meet all of the demand for active components in the market. The size ranges from the common 7.0*1.5mm to the smaller 1.6*1.0mm are all main products in EPSON. About the application, you can see EPSON 32kHz products from larger motherboards to smaller mobile phones and watches.

EPSON KHz Products

MC-146 : 7.0*1.5mm

FC-135 : 3.2*1.5mm

FC-135R : 3.2*1.5mm (50kΩ)

FC-12M :2.05*1.2mm

FC1610AN : 1.65*1.0mm